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How to Remove Nail Polish without Polish Remover.

How to Remove Nail Polish without Polish Remover.

Nail polish remover, gels, glues, and etc. all have an impact on your nails - but nail polish remover can be particularly harsh. Acetone, one of the main ingredients in what most of us consider to be traditional nail polish remover - and is very drying and harsh. But of course, they work super quickly. 

Non-acetone removers are gentler on the nails but will need more time to work - so you'll need to take that into account when deciding which method to use each time.

Before you start any of the below non-acetone removal methods, you'll want to warm your fingers in some warm water - this can help expand your nail bed which can actually hep loosen some of the polish and prep you for the removal methods.


So why not start with the wildest alternative first? Hairspray actually helps to remove polish - but only if it is an aerosol hairspray. You'll soak a cotton ball or bad just like you'd do with polish remover and wrap it and rub it onto your nail in the same way, too.


This one is and isn't a surprise at the same time because lemon so often seems to be a remedy to the most random stuff, but at the same time its hard to believe something we eat and drink is strong enough to remove polish. Cut off some slices and let them sit on your nails until your polish softens, or, maybe even easier - cut a slit into the lemon and let 2-3 fingers rest inside until the polish is easy enough to wash and wipe off. 


Maybe this one is wilder than the hairspray. Simply mix your favorite juice with white vinegar and you have a nail polish removing solution. Most say you should use white vinegar and orange juice (equal parts combined). Simply dip the cotton pad in it and use it the same way you would polish remover. 


This one you likely already knew from trying at some point out of desperation. But rubbing alcohol is one of the best ways to remove nail polish if you don't have an acetone remove. You could also probably try this with an alcohol based perfume - although we doubt that'd be your first option.