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Putting On Press Ons - Like A Big Girl

Putting On Press Ons - Like A Big Girl

So, obviously - we like press on nails. They're durable, quick, and stylish! We talk a lot about how much easier it is to use press on nails - but that doesn't mean there aren't some tips and trick that make certain applications look better than others. You'll find a lot of these instructs on our BGN Packaging, but in case you're more likely to be reading the blog than the back of a box (!) here is the gist of what you want to do to make that inexpensive press on look like a class act stylish mani.

1. Prep those cuticles.

Don't skip this part! A manicure is a WHOLE manicure - same as when you go into the salon. You've got to clip, trim, and moisturize those cuticles so the entire finger looks beautiful and not just the design on the tips end. No ripped and messy cuticles!

You'll also want to make sure that you push them back with the cuticle stick we've supplied. The longer the nail bed, the sexier - in our opinion. It also makes it MUCH easier to press the press on into the cuticle lining in a way that makes them look seamlessly attached and like a real nail rather than - well - pressed on.

2. Match your nail size. 

Take the time to match your nail bed size correctly. Our packages include over 20 different sizes for you to choose from so you don't end up with a clunky-clunk oversized nail on your ring finger or a dinky under-sized one on your thumb. Childish - lol! We know we said the process is quick, and it is! But take that time that is required to get it right. 

That said - While press-on nails complement your natural nails quite well, sometimes they’re simply not a good fit. When you find yourself in-between sizes, we recommend veering away from a larger size as it will pop off very easily and make your manicure look shabby. Opt for a smaller size instead that won’t overlap with your skin. Alternatively, you can also file the sides of your press-on nails to accommodate the size of your nail beds.

3. Preventing bubbles from getting in during application. 

Apply freshly-glued press-on nails on top of your natural nails, ensuring that they’re as close to the cuticle line as possible. Here comes the tricky part: carefully layer the press-on nails at a downward angle. You need to get it right the first time since pulling it on and off to adjust its position can affect the glue’s ability to adhere to your real nails.

Once you’ve layered a press-on nail, press and hold it down at the center for 30 to 60 seconds. Make sure to apply some force. You’re doing this to ensure that moisture doesn’t get between your nails and your press-ons. While you’re at it, pinch the sides of the nails to eliminate air pockets and improve adhesion.

4. Getting that glue just right. 

When using press-ons, getting the right amount of glue is key since they allow your plastic nails to stay on your actual nails. The right amount of glue depends on how long you want your press-ons to last. For example, if you’re planning on changing or removing your nails after a week, a couple of drops should do just fine. If you’re looking to make your nails last for 1 to 2 weeks, it’s a good idea to apply the glue on your nails as well as your press-on nails.

Press-on nail glue is super sticky so use it sparingly to avoid getting it all over your cuticles.

5. File them to puuuurrrfetion. 

Yes, you're still going to want to do a little filing. Or maybe not! just be sure and take a look once you've applied to make sure there are no jagged edges or ends that should be smoothed out. It takes all of 2 seconds and makes a HUGE difference. And! We include a nail file! So you don't have to go looking for one to do it.