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Thinking About Getting a Satin Pillowcase?

Thinking About Getting a Satin Pillowcase?

My beauty hierarchy goes like this:

1) Sleep 

2) Water (could do better here)

3) Skincare routine

4) Haircare

Sleep is at the top of the list because sleep is numero uno. But remember what they say - its not the hours, its the quality. Point being - you can get 10 hours on that pillow, but if that pillowcase is trash odds aren't you're not going to be looking your sexiest self when you wake up. You'll be waking up with bedhead, like most of us have been doing. 

By now - we're probably aware that we can avoid some level of zombie-look in the morning. But want to tone it down a little and (shouts of glee!) possibly knock a good 10 minutes out of your morning routine!? CUE --> the satin pillowcase!

Yes, we know - they've been all the rave over the last year or so. Well, that's because satin pillowcases really do offer some major hair and skin benefits. Silk pillowcases are also an option - but it seems satin is kinder to your hair as it better helps to reduct the friction between your hair strands. They're also normally made with 100%  polyester, which means they're more durable than silk pillowcases which is great as you should be switching our and washing your pillow case AT LEAST once a week. 

But, anywho - the main benefits are glorious:

  • reducing frizz
  • preventing tangles
  • minimizing overnight dryout (for my naturally curly haired girls)

They genuinely help you wake up with your hair looking smooth and supple rather than raggedy and dry. Need I say more? Overall, the material is gentler and breathes better which means that your hair is being treated more gently as your toss and turn through the night and the pillowcase isn't sucking the hydration out of your hair - which also means, your hairstyles are preserved for longer - which goes for blowouts, twist outs, presses and straightening, etc. 

It also just feels heavenly. 

An average pillowcase shouldn't cost you more than $15 bucks. Go grab one, beautiful! It's money well spent.