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Oh You're an "Expensive Blonde", huh?

Oh You're an "Expensive Blonde", huh?

So, at this point! We've seen the "liquid hair," we've seen the "expensive brunette," and now it looks like we've moved onto the "expensive blonde." (**sigh** will the revolving trends ever end ... hopefully not, lol!)

We've seen a ton of beauties rocking this color lately (in fact, I was in Central Market the other day - a beautiful naturalista wearing her itty bitty fro was rocking the color with a bit of an ombre effect - freaking, stunning). 

Clearly, no pressure on anyone to follow the crowd. Your unique approach to glamorous looks is at the hear of the brand. But if you're looking to try it! Here are a couple of tips: 

1. Understand What Expensive Blonde Is, LOL.

There are numerous shades of blonde, and this one was coined by Tom Smith. He defines it as a "really soft contrast so there are fewer shadows in the hair, but it's not one set color." Others describe it as a bit of a "sun-kissed" hue featuring a mix of contrast - very much a "beach babe" vibe and look. Sunny at its best and much softer and more golden than what you might see on a bleached blonde as the tones are warmer and deeper. 

We all know that coloring the hair is a major undertaking (Meh, for some of us. Others of us do it all the time, for sure.) But knowing how to describe it is clearly the first step to getting it right, for anyone.

2. For the Love of God - Use a Hairdresser (at least the first time!) 

Um, always down for the DIY, but at least use a hairdresser for the first session. This'll give you a blueprint for what looks right on you.

When describing to your hairdresser, use the above for general explanation, but also let them know that you want either foils or balayage highlights. Regardless, you're going to want to use more than one shade of blonde, and possibly even some lowlights to add some depth and dimension. Your hairstylist is going to subtly scatter your different tone choices which is what'll give it that chic and expensive look. There'll be some upkeep, but likely only every other 4-5 months or so. 

3. Be For Real About Hair Care

You can't maintain the look with subpar haircare this time, which is why this may be a seasonal go to for you. All for fun and in the name of switching up your look. Let's focus mainly on fundamentals here - the SHAMPOOS and CONDITIONERS. Use reparative and strengthening options. You're specifically looking to consistently hydrate and strengthen. You're also going to want to limit the amount of times you're washing (um, that's honestly good news for us) - likely to about twice a week so as not to weaken the hair too much.

Try some deep conditioning as well - once a week or bi-weekly can be great timing options. You want to be sure you're not over packing your hair with products to also make sure and run your products by your hairstylist if the ingredients are looking particularly potent as it can be hard to tell the difference between strong moisturizers and strengtheners vs products that are teetering over to the treatment realm.

4. Limit the Heat.

There's really nothing more to say here. You want strong, vibrant, healthy hair - you've gotta cut down in ironing it! Your hair is no different from your favorite satin blouse - don't wear it out with over cleaning, straightening, and manipulating.

Hope these help, sexy. Talk to you later.