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The BGN Wavy Ponytail is 18 inches of playful, girlish fun. Available at Big Glam Nation in 9 different colors - this ponytail looks as soft to the touch as it actually is. The thick loose waves add immediate body and texture. Wear it super high to add bounce to the pep in your step or try a low, over the shoulder look for a chic and soft look.


Worried about the color? Don't be.

Every extension comes with a Color Sample. Test the color before you break your BGN package seal and return for a new color or full refund if you want a different shade.

Don't like returns? Buy a $2.50 Color Sample first. We encourage you to buy 2-3 so that you can compare your colors! Then use the unique code we'll send you for $9.00 credit off your actual ponytail purchase!

See Our Samples HERE!

  • LENGTH - 18" Inches
  • WEIGHT - 100 Grams
  • APPLICATION - Wrap Around

All of our Wavy Ponytails come with easy velcro application and are pre-tousled which means no heat on yours or your pony's hair.

See the Care and Maintenance page for tips and tricks on how to take care of your favorite pieces.  


  • QUICK, EASY, FAST APPLICATION. No more bad hair days, and no more heat. These ponytails are a lifesaver when it comes to both time and heat damage.
    Switch out our different styles for a textured, sleek, wavy, or bouncy look in a matter of seconds without doing an ounce of damage to your natural hair.
  • LENGTH, VOLUME, AND TEXTURE. Add length, volume, and texture in an instant.
  • FUN, SEXY, AND LIBERATING. Take control of your look by experimenting as much as you please! We want you to feel liberated, vibrant, radiant and free to express yourself in as bold or subtle a manner as you desire.
  • AFFORDABLE AND ACCESSIBLE. Enjoying your beauty shouldn’t cost a fortune. Our ponytails and extensions are fantastic quality and are still completely
  • IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU. Feeling particularly into yourself today -
    that’s what we love to hear. Big Glam Nation is all about making you your biggest fan. We’re here for you - no matter the color, texture, style, or combination you choose. If you want it, we're here for it.

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