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4 Ways Caffeine Can Help Your Hair

4 Ways Caffeine Can Help Your Hair

There's a lot of talk out there about how caffeine can help your hair - but its a gem for your tresses too. Here are 4 reasons to pull it into your hair routine.

1. Longer, go longer. 

Coffee doesn't just impact your energy - its good for hair growth. DHT, is apparently a sex hormone (😛....?) but is not always working in our best interest? At normal levels, its fine. But too much of it can apparently cause hair loss.  Coffee combats this hair lock by blocking the effects of DHG. You an apply caffeine a few times a week for longer and thicker strands. 

2. pH Balance.

Not pretending to be experts in chemistry over here - but we do know that caffeine is a great balance for pH. Since its naturally acidic, it can help to get rid of frizz and brittle hair. Not sure if you're looking to bathe your hair in caffeine ( ... that's a little much for us), but there are some great shampoos and conditioners out there that you can add to your routine for the benefits.

3. Shiny, Shiny, Shiny Hair.

Caffeine can give your dull and lifeless locks the boost they need, you know, kind of like it does for dull and lifeless you on a Sunday morning? Coffee doesn’t just help your hair grow. It makes your strands shinier and softer too. We all know that coffee has antioxidants (because we all take trips to YouTube and TikTok skincare land from time to time - let's not deny it). Flavonoids are on of those antioxidants. They soften strands by helping them retain moisture and promote hair regeneration. So your hair ends up shiny, hydrated, soft, and strong.

4. Exfoliate.

Well, we already wrote a post about this! Should we link to it here? Probably. Meh - but the main point is, caffeinated scrubs exist. Yes, girl. And not only do they smell incredible (taking a break from drinking it - nothing like substituting for it in a hot morning shower) but they're a fantastic way to clean the scalp and do all the other things that exfoliation generally does in most forms - removing dead skin cells, and reducing inflammation and irritation.

We don't expect you to go out and substitute all of your products with caffeinated products. But think of this more as a reason to incorporate it when you think about it and have time. You know that "trend" everyone is blabbing about - hair cycling/skin cycling/everything cycling? This is where that comes in. Rotate it in where you can, girlie.